Cuff ‘Em: Brandi Favre In Running For Hottest Sister Busted For Meth Of NFL QB Contestant!


(Yes, the headline is awkward. Deal with it.)

You think she wears Wrangler cutoff jorts in the summer?

Maybe a little butt cleavage porking out around the frays in the jorts. A few bruises on her knees. High heels. Maybe a tube top.

So fucking sexy, this Brandi Favre chick. And just 34! Bangin’.

And a meth head (allegedly!)

The sister of legendary quarterback Brett Favre was among three people arrested Wednesday after an active meth lab was discovered in a bathtub of a Diamondhead condominium.

Brandi Favre, 34, of Irvin Favre Road, Pass Christian, was charged with manufacturing of methamphetamine and generation of hazardous waste, both felonies, Sgt. Abe Long said.

Arrested on the same charges were Marty Grimes, 36, of Mississippi 603, Kiln, and Carl Wynn, 53, of Kona Villa, Diamondhead.

Re-read that. Manufacturing charges. In a bathtub!


All we keep thinking about are the trailer-trash-types rolling into that condo to get a fix and asking Brandi about Brett sending those cock photos to Sterger. Things must get awkward.

Anyone else think Brett wants a do-over from August 2010? Stay home and shit calms down, you go into hiding, make a few John Deere commercials, maybe put on 10-15 pounds, help coach high school football and go low-key.

It all had to end so ugly. But this’ll make for a great 30 for 30. ESPN must be licking its chops.


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