Want To See What A White NBA Player Pissed His Money Away On? Here Is Matt Geiger’s Former Residence


Shaking head. Shaking head. Shaking head. Shaking head. Shaking head. Shaking head.

Shaking head.

Shaking head.

Shaking head. Shaking head.

Our friends at BroBible dug up the photos and details on how Matt Geiger went from owning this house with its very own sports bar (yes, look at that shit above. It’s like BW’s in his fucking house!).

He installed a putting green and stocked an artificial lake with 2,500 bass. He even had a personal herd of livestock at one time with 12 buffalo, 11 Watusi cattle, two donkeys, a miniature horse and one cow.The home had 40 televisions, 18 of them wired with Xbox so that Geiger and his high school pals could play video games. The home became the ultimate bachelor pad. The sprawling estate boasts several lavish bars, a DJ station and dance floor, hot tubs, a pizza oven, a wine cellar and even a cigar room. Geiger hosted a number of parties for friends and charities. He once transformed the mansion into a supersized haunted house. Scenes from The Punisher were filmed there in 2003. In the movie, Geiger’s home became the estate of a gangster played by John Travolta.

County officials derailed Geiger’s plans in October 2007 to install a landing pad for helicopters. Geiger decided to sell the grandiose bachelor pad after having a child with his girlfriend in 2007. He wanted a more child-friendly dwelling.

Next time you are bitching and moaning about black dudes in the League blowing cash on worthless shit, remember, race is no factor in being a dumb fuck.

Go see the rest of the photos from Geiger’s former pad at BroBible. You’ll be impressed by the animal heads, the pool fashioned after a Vegas mega-resort and the giant vases of lemons.

[Former NBA Player Matt Geiger Sells Ballin’ Florida Bachelor Pad for Huge Loss]

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