The Afternoon Dump: Chris Berman Is Jealous, Rex Ryan Is A Cheater, Golden Voice In Trouble, Horrible Drivers, Alternate Ending To Star Wars, Gorgeous Yvonne Strahovski, Hottest Twins, & Emmy Rossum Is Nippy


Courtney Shoemaker is a blonde goddess.

Chris Berman would love this suit that Ochocinco has [Sportress of Blogitude]
Rex Ryan is cheating, bet he loves this PR [Barstool Sports]
LSU’s Les Miles will stay at LSU [The Big Lead]
The many ways you can get hurt playing hockey [unathletic]
The ‘Golden Voice’ who was homeless may be in trouble [D-Listed]
If you park like this then you are an a-hole [EgoTV]
A alternate ending to ‘Return Of The Jedi’ [The Daily What]
Looks like Lindsay Lohan has another problem, being a Lakers fan [Celebrity Odor]
Can’t foget about Yvonne Strahovski [Moe Jackson]
The 30 hottest twins [BroBible]
Kim Kardashian has a big butt and pumps her own gas [HQ-Celebrity]
Emmy Rossum is a little nippy in Shameless (maybe NSFW) [Yeeeah]

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