Daily Dump: Auburn Is Your 2011 Default BCS Champion, Freddie Mitchell On Millionaire Matchmaker, Boyfriend Cheats On WAG Sophie Reade, Nick Fairley Cheap Shot, Precious Loves Her Nets, Lisa Loves Dick & BC Loves The AVN Twitpics!


Whitney says Oregon could have used her tackling skills last night.

• That was one of the worst BCS Championships you are ever going to watch. It was painful to witness two QBs that can’t throw a football and offensive lines that couldn’t block. Don’t even start shit about how great the defenses played. These Ds were toasted on a consistent basis all year. Yes, Fairley is dominant, but the rest of that defense was average at best.

• Auburn will eventually be on probation thanks to this season. Wanna bet?

• So the game ends at 22-19. Guess where Vegas set the line. Those who got Oregon at +3.5 are thanking Michael Dyer’s knee for not going across that goal line. If you gamble on sports, this should help you see the light that stopping is the smart move.

• Sports Illustrated already has its cover for this week’s issue. Of course Auburn is on the cover.

• Where was Cecil Newton?

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Today’s Dump:

…we get the day after Auburn was the default BCS champion with Freddie Mitchell resurfacing with a spot on Millionaire Matchmaker where the former Eagles WR wants to know if he’s allowed to get a BJ on his date. Tonight on Bravo! [Crossing Broad]

Jaded Futbol Chicks: Sophie Reade devastated when she finds out her futbol boyfriend has been sleeping with her best friend [Daily Mail]

What asshole would do such a thing to a chick who looks like this at a car wash [DJ Mick]

Yahoo.com BCS Photoshop Team Fail [Imgur]

Nick Fairley gets in one final cheap shot before leaving for NFL [Wiz of Odds]

Photo: Newcastle striker decides getting smiley face tat on his inner lip is a good idea [Who Ate All The Pies]

Don’t F with Heath Shuler: Former QB turned Congressman now packing heat [With Leather]

The N.J. Nets biggest fan, Precious, takes her boyfriend to a basketball game [Media Take Out]

30 Dirtiest Mainstream Movie Titles – EVER! [Super Booyah]

Lisa Loves Dick (pic) [Buzzfeed]

‘Adult’ games at a Russian wedding…via…[Linkiest]

Guy trying to consume 2011 wings in 2011 and avoid daily greasy shits [Asylum]

Today’s Tail:

93 Photos – Pornstar Twitpics From The AVN [Coed]

Jasmine Tame shows off her hidden talents at AVN [BroBible]

The Biggest, Trashiest NSFW Boobs You’ll Probably See All Day [BoobieBlog]

Check out this Kent State dorm ass slapping action [Funtasticus]

Pigtails? Check. Amazing abs? Check. Tan? Check. Boobs? Of course. [Barstool]

Sarah Shahi celebrates a birthday while we celebrate that awesome handbra action [MoeJackson]

And Sarah Shahi getting in a workout for those who have that celeb fetish [Beer Goggler]

Victoria Silvsteadt Overload: That white bikini is getting a workout this week [CelebSlam]

Bianca Balti. Lingerie. Gallery. [Guyism]

Inside The Mind Of A St. Louis Hottie: She sleeps with a stuffed buffalo & hates guys who wear rhinestone shirts [InsideSTL]

Kelly LeBrock NSFW movie scenes now in HD! [Nudography]

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