Cuff ‘Em: These Two Douchebags Risk Jail Time To Steal $30 Ken Griffey Jr. Rookie Card & Other Memorabilia


Gentlemen, that Griffey Jr. card isn’t worth much more than a night of drinking at Buffalo Wild Wings.

Of course you don’t look like the sharpest tools in the shed.

Take it away local newspaper reporter:

Albany police said they have charged two men on burglary counts related to incidents last fall on Madison Avenue and Broadway .

Gregory Amyot and Robert Spraker were charged Friday with second and third-degree burglary and third and fourth-degree grand larceny for breaking into a home and an architectural firm in November, police spokesman James Miller said Sunday.

Amyot and Spraker were arrested on Nov. 4 after surveillance cameras in the Delaware Avenue Price Chopper caught them trying to use a stolen credit card Nov. 1, police said. At the time of their arrest for possession of stolen property, police said they found a baseball card of Ken Griffey Jr. from his rookie year that had been taken in a burglary of a home in the 400 block of Madison Avenue.

When they get to prison these idiots can expect to have worthless 1987 Will Clark cards raining down on them at the welcoming party.

Sounds like someone didn’t have their Beckett price guide magazine with them when they went burglarizing homes.

Losers. Probably wasn’t even a PSA 10.

[2 accused of burglaries, thefts of sports memorabilia in Albany]

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