Oregon Fan Wants To Marry Auburn Chick In Bet With Buddies On Who Will Have To Pay Vegas Annulment


Think this is fake?


An Oregon TV station wants to help Ryan Tharp find an Auburn ‘hottie’ to marry and quickly divorce after the BCS Championship.

From Fox 12:

One Oregon Ducks fan says he wants to walk down the aisle with an Auburn supporter as part of an unusual wager.Ryan Tharp is willing to bet that the Oregon Ducks will crush the Auburn Tigers in the BCS Championship game. He’s so sure of it, he posted an ad on Craigslist saying so.In that ad, he says he’s looking for an Auburn fan who’s willing to join him in a post-game, short-term Las Vegas wedding.”I, along with several buddies, will be celebrating the Duck victory in Vegas from Jan. 11 to 14. During that extravaganza, I plan on taking in the entire Vegas experience, including marrying a stranger,” he writes in the ad.

It seems that getting blotto, arrested, catching VD and banging a midget stripper isn’t as cool as it used to be.

[Oregon Fan Seeks Auburn Fan for Wedding Bet – The Wiz of Odds]

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