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WAGs Of The BCS Championship: Win Or Lose LaMichael James Will Have Oregon Cheerleader Courtney Eckhart As His Post-Game Prize

Welcome to our feature here at Busted Coverage simply called “WAGs of the BCS Championship” where we feature wives and girlfriends of dudes strapping on the shoulder pads in the 2011 BCS Championship.

If you are a model who’d like to be featured, email us and we’ll be the judge and jury to determine if you are worthy of our pageviews.

Come Monday night there will be a phenomenon going on behind the scenes at Busted Coverage. Our hits will be going nuts as America does its best to get to know the Oregon Ducks cheerleaders.

Today we introduce you to Courtney Eckhart, who just happens to date the infamous LaMichael James who last year pleaded guilty to misdemeanor harassment charges involving a former girlfriend.

Here is what you can expect to pull if you just happen to rise to Heisman contender status. There is hope for all freshman tailbacks out there.


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