The Afternoon Dump: Marshall Hates Henne, Tomlin Loves Jersey Shore, Ear Is Taken Off, Kardashian’s New Song Sucks, Emmy Rossum In Esquire, Girl Loves Her Pole, & The Beautiful Chloe Hemmat


I think J Koot would marry Jenny McCarthy or just have sex with her.

Marshall throws Henne under the bus [Yardbarker]
Wow, Mike Tomlin likes Jersey Shore, they are going to lose for sure [Sportress of Blogitude]
Terrelle Pryor can not speak for diddly [SB Nation]
Fight leads to ear being taken off, damn [Barstool Sports]
Real life superhero of the day [The Daily What]
KFC employee does not want to be recorded [Regretful Morning]
Kim Kardashian’s new song sucks donkey … [Yeeeah]
Snooki wakes up in a garbage can, a lot [The Blemish]
Emmy Rossum sizzles in Esquire [Popoholic]
Shakira shakes it for the New Year [Celebrity Odor]
Have to love Jennifer Love Hewitt Hawaii candids [Use My Computer]
Now this is art, get your wife to do this [Totally Crap]
. . . a great way to end Wednesday, Chloe Hemmat [F-Listed]

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