Cuff ‘Em: Yes, That Is One Piss Drunk Ohio State Trooper Who Was Arrested For Throwing Peanuts At Browns-Steelers Game


If Ohio State Trooper Jason Fantone ultimately loses his job at least he can look back and think of how great his arrest report was and all the fun we had reading this one.

Cleveland Police tell Fox 8 News that Jason Fantone, 34, of Canfield, was arrested and charged with vandalism and disorderly conduct after police say he yelled obscenities and refused to comply with officers during the Browns versus Pittsburgh game on Sunday. Fantone is a trooper at the Canfield Post of the Ohio State Highway Patrol.

Police originally walked up to the section of Browns Stadium where Fantone was seated after they say he began throwing peanuts at them.

According to a report filed on the incident, the arresting officers approached Fantone and asked to see his game ticket. Police say Fantone then became belligerent and was placed under arrest. The arresting officers say Fantone was highly intoxicated.

Police took Fantone to a holding cell within the stadium and according to the report, he kicked the locked steel door so hard that he broke the latch.

The report says Fantone yelled, “I’m in handcuffs for throwing peanuts? Those guys are mad at me because I DUI’d some of their guys.”

No, those cops are pissed because some moron made them climb a bunch of stairs and then had peanuts thrown at them. We suppose if the stadium cops climbed stairs, had a pleasant conversation and Fantone said he’d chill out then things would have been cool.

But no, dickhead had to play Billy Badass. Had to flex his badge muscles. That’s cool, we’re pretty sure there is some hungry young cop out there looking to move up and take Jason’s slot on the road.

[Peanut-Throwing Trooper Arrested at Browns Game]

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