WAGs Of The ’11 NFL Playoffs: Eagles Wife Julie Dorenbos Cheers When Her Husband Snaps Balls

That’s right, boys, those boobs are married to Jon Dorenbos who happens to be a long snapper for the Philadelphia Eagles.

Never tell your boys that long snapping is for pussies and there is no money to be made. That’s a mistake. If you are good, have decent looks and are smart with your cash you can have a long career, pull D-cups and make a small fortune.

This is Julie Dorenbos. We have no idea where she came from, how she got here or where we’re going with this, but she just became our very first WAG of the 2011 NFL Playoffs.

Here is her Twitter account. Here is her Facebook. Don’t get all stalky.

Oh, and Julie, if you read this and want to send over some high resolution images for the fans, email us. Please.


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