Daily Dump: Maria Menounos & Her Beef Curtains, Tyrod Taylor’s Mom Sleeping, Atlanta Thrashers In-Game Weddings, Allen Iverson Likes Turkish Cheesesteaks, Peter King/Kegstands, Cynthia Urias Hairbra & Selena Gomez Giving The Beav To Bieber?

Ashley Tisdale. Her bikini. A body of water. Learning to surf. Gallery.

• Why didn’t someone tip us off that Jim Nantz is already jumping back into marriage after that horrible divorce bullshit he went through in 2010. Dude, how about just getting laid in multiple locations like Augusta, where ever the Final Four is being played, Boston during the AFC playoffs, etc.? Then we find out he’s marrying a 31-year-old piece of ass.

• Anyone getting the feeling these BCS games on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays are so 2007 and pre-economic depression? Did you take a look at the upper deck last night? Nobody is going to this shit. Why go when you can stay home and watch it in HD on the 55-incher? There is no incentive.

• Brett Favre will probably have to come back in 2011 to pay off all the lawsuits. Or just make more Wrangler commercials.

• Word on the street is that Jim Harbaugh will be the next coach of the Dallas Cowboys. Why hasn’t that one made the rounds yet?

• There is finally video of a 1999 manhole gusher on a Minneapolis highway that you need to see. Now, if only Magic Johnson and the L.A. investors could figure out a way to duplicate this madness underneath the Metrodome the Vikings would officially be wiped out in Minnesota.

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Today’s Dump:

…we get Tuesday off to a NSFW start with photos that we cannot publish due to their naughty nature, but we have associates that’ll sure take up the cause. See, Maria Menounos was in Miami over the weekend and had a beef curtain slippage while playing at the beach. Emailers are requesting the pics, so here you go [Pretty Hot And Sexy]

Skins cheerleader Dawn tackles all things Redskins, Rex Grossman & Joe Pa [Esquire]

In honor of Brandon Vera’s broken nose…10 Most Gruesome Broken & Bloody Noses In Recent Sports Memory [BroBible]

In case you missed the most beautiful sideline wipeout of a coach on a sideline at the Orange Bowl (GIF!) [MockSession]

Here is Tyrod Taylor’s mom sleeping through that ass kicking Va. Tech took [Jersey Chaser]

Tyrod’s Power Balance wrist band was pretty much worthless against Stanford’s defense [Twitpic]

And we now have names to Google in the Brett Favre vs. massage therapist sexting scandal [Larry Brown]

Atlanta Thrashers now holding in-game weddings…what’s next…in-game divorces? [Business Insider]

In case you are from Philly and want to keep up-to-the-minute on the destruction of the Spectrum [Facebook]

Allen Iverson answers questions about his stay in Istanbul & the quality of the Turkish cheesesteaks [Can’t Stop The Bleeding]

Peter King finally learning about the art of kegstands [Kissing Suzy Kolber]

30 Mascots Photographed With Cheerleaders if you have a furry fetish [Super Booyah]

A NYE NYC ferry fight video you’ll probably want to watch at work [Totally Crap]

Take a very close look at this photo and think very NSFW []

Today’s Tail:

Cynthia Urias. Hairbra. Multiple SFW boob shots. Gallery. [Guyism]

The combination of tits an ass belonging to Amanda Mertz is going to be pretty hard to beat this morning [Coed]

Rock WAG Lily Aldridge in all sorts of undress [NextRound]

Lindsey’s boobs half in-half out of this body of water [The Smoking Jacket]

Nuts Sexiest Babes Of 2011 is already out [NSFW POA]

Here is J. Love Hewitt going bikini on New Year’s – who the fuck wasn’t vacationing in Hawaii? [Moe Jackson]

Selena Gomez giving up the beav to Bieber? WTF is that all about? [The Blemish]

Our hope for 2011…Brittany will punish us with that ‘thing’ in her hand [Flisted]

Here it is! The Grapevine Hooters contest! [Uncoached]