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Nightcapper: Ever See A Memphis Woman So Pissed Off At Refs That She Trash Talks Until Being Ejected?

This happened last night during the Memphis-Tennessee State basketball game. Things got heated, words were exchanged between fans sitting in the front row and the refs.

The refs had enough, told the hoity-toity woman/man to hit the road and the wench didn’t exactly like her ejection.

What was her reaction? JUMP!

Posted: January 2, 2011

Premise of Video: We covered that in the teaser above.

Climax of Video: Yes, she threw her pom pom onto the court in protest.

Conclusion: FINALLY! A rich woman being ejected from a basketball game. We’re now only waiting to fulfill our obligation to run a video of some kid in a wheelchair getting booted from an arena or stadium. If you find video of such an incident, please email us.

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