Best Of ’10 Cuff ‘Ems: Great Mugshots, Awesome Scabs, Teachers Blowing Students, Horn Implants, Alabama Man Cans & Plenty Of More Freaks To Keep You Busy! Goodbye 2010!


It’s the day we’ve been waiting for all year. Not only does today mark the start of our four-day weekend, but also the end of 2010 for Busted Coverage.

You have no idea how great a long weekend feels after pounding the pavement for 320 days or so a year. It’s a deserved rest.

We could get all sappy and tell you that 2010 was the best ever thanks to our great supporters and all the tipsters out there. That’s true. It’s also been one crazy ass year with lawyers trailing our asses. Take the UNC fencer Ashley Rumbough fingering her ass on web cam.

You would have thought the University of North Carolina was trying to cover up Watergate. We had one lawyer and one sorority adviser shut us down on two different occasions.

This shit isn’t easy. To all you who think it is, start your own site and type away.

Our hits are at an all-time high and more than 1 million visitors walk through these doors per month. Not bad for a two-man production. There are bigger corporate sites on the Internets that have multi-million dollar budgets. There are sites out there with 8-man staffs. There are sites out there with writers featuring shiny resumes.

This operation was started in 2007 with no money. No financial advisers. No investors. No IT team. No design team. No nothing besides a $9.99 monthly hosting plan and a $10 domain. The rest is history and that makes us proud.

Special thanks go out to Kevin the Intern, who turned in another stellar year of Click-A-Chick and the Afternoon Dump. That guy knows his shit when it comes to poon and one-liners.

Without further babbling, here are the 25 Greatest Moments in 2010 Cuff ‘Em (in no special order so don’t get all pissy with us about rankings):

Cream of the Crop:

Cuff ‘Em: Guess What This Floridian Was Hiding In Her Cooch… Nick Nolte’s Career (Just Kidding)

Cuff ‘Em: The Strangest Forehead Scab On A Youth Baseball Perv President Forehead You’ll See All Day

Cuff ‘Em: Is This The Face Of A Guy Who’d Try To Run Over His Landlord?

Cuff ‘Em: Alabama Fan Joseph Cutcher Busted For Forgery, Has Man Cans, & Is 48!

The Rest:

Cuff ‘Em: This Woman Flashed Her Boobs At A Cincinnati Youth Football Team!

Cuff ‘Em: This Florida Dude Was Banging This Smokeshow For An Hour Outside A Beer Store

Cuff ‘Em: New England Patriots Fan (& Federal Prosecutor) Has Boner During Swim In Front Of Little Girl, Mom?

Cuff ‘Em: This Guy Was Humping A Louisiana Woman’s Sliding Glass Door, Wearing Rubber Boots!

Cuff ‘Em: This Crazy Bastard Just Wants A Cup Of Hot Chocolate With Marshmallows, Towels

Cuff ‘Em: One Of These Guys Was Drunk & Wearing A Diaper, Standing In Road Exposing Self To School Bus

Cuff ‘Em: Can You Figure Out What This Freaky Looking (Alleged) Child Pervert Does In The Sports World?

Cuff ‘Em: U. Of South Florida Football Fan Uses “I Was Going To Bang Mom” Defense In Chris Hansen-Like Perv Sex Sting

Cuff ‘Em: Naked Guy To Women In Park…”You Want Some Of This?”

Cuff ‘Em: Villanova Offensive Lineman Pancakes Ex-Girlfriend’s Dachshund Into Wall, Kills It & Steals Jewelry, Fuzz Alleges

Is This The Face Of A Dude Who Was Banging An Armless Mannequin In A Park?

Cuff ‘Em: Dude Dropped Trunks To Do “Less Restrictive” Naked Leg Lifts In Apartment Complex Pool

Cuff ‘Em: 7 Ways To Tell If The Crack Whore At Your Door Is An Actual College Cheerleader

Cuff ‘Em: Whores Steal 2010 World Series Ring From Yankees Triple-Chinned Minor League Pitching Coach

Cuff ‘Em: Marla Gurecki-Haskins Accused Of Teacher/Student BJ In Her Classroom

Cuff ‘Em: Altoona Curve Drunk Homeless Fan On Field Hopped Up On Vodka!

Cuff ‘Em Update: Dovie Lee Kerner (Allegedly Had) Horse/Pig/Dog Sex & We Have Her Yearbook Photo

Cuff ‘Em: Penguins Fan Robert Abrams (Photo) Kills Wife After 3 OT Loss

Cuff ‘Em: Sportscaster Bryan McLean (Photo) Arrested For Jerking It On Web Cam

How Would You Punish Him: Soccer Coach Had Pupil Urinate On/Paddle Him, Fuzz Alleges

Cuff ‘Em: The Guy Who Is/Was Banging The Landscape Shaver Should Ashamed Of Himself

Cuff ‘Em: Oklahoma Linebacker Austin Box Arrested For Pissing On Barstools

Cuff ‘Em: Jennifer Glad Is The Hottest Volunteer Basketball Coach To Be Arrested In 2010

Cuff ‘Em: Joe Namath’s Daugher Olivia In 200 Gram Pot Bust

I started Busted in 2007, sold it in 2011 and Coed kept me around to run this operation. Based in Ohio. Contact me: @bustedcoverage
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