Daily Dump: This Piece Of Garbage Stuck His Mushroom Head In Natalie Portman, Get Your Wisconsin Rose Bowl Champion Shirt NOW!, NHL Outdoor Classic Is Pretty Much F@cked, 13 Moments Of Movie Incest & NSFW Lucy Pinder Sunbathing!


Michelle Baker wants you to see her thigh undies as she assumes position in cockpit.

• Kudos to the Saints for winning last night. That was a great victory for bloggers. Why? Because the crazy bastards in New Orleans never fail to make things interesting, which usually results in pageviews. Right now, since our team has been eliminated, Busted Coverage is rooting for the Steelers and Saints. Take these two insane fan bases and put them in Dallas and see what happens.

• We were actually approached by an actual reporter who wants to cover the Rose Bowl for us. Matt promises to cover all the tailgating action. That’s cool since the only way to get the gig is to wear an Ohio State jersey and have him walk through the Wisconsin tailgate/keg stand area.

• Just for shits and giggles BC sat through 1 quarter of Memphis-Toronto last night. Who the fuck pays more than $15 to watch teams like this play. The NBA should be ashamed of such filth. The two garbage franchises combined for 25 turnovers – in the first half.

• That Independence Bowl was epic. 14-7 Air Force. Feel the fucking burn, America. That is the life being sucked out of you by triple-option football. The only morons who like this offense are Paul Johnson and the coaches who learned the offense from Paul Johnson. The 40s called and want their bowl games back.

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Today’s Dump:

…we get the final Tuesday of the year rolling along with a photo gallery of the piece of shit who sperminated Natalie Portman. Look, asshole, you are a choreographer. Go bang some dude in the ass and leave our beautiful Natalie alone. And that stupid tie, yeah, let us get close enough and we’ll choke your ass out [Esquire]

Your SI Swimsuit cover model Bar…what’s her last name…in a bikini on a vacation [Pretty Hot & Sexy]

You can order your Wisconsin 2011 Rose Bowl Champion t-shirts right now on ESPN.com [Friends of the Program]

Could this year’s NHL outdoor hockey game be fucked over by Mother Nature? It’s going to be in 50s in Pittsburgh on Saturday [Sportress]

True Grit movie poster featuring those little white guys from the New England Patriots [Kissing Suzy Kolber]

New Ana Ivanovic workout photos [DJ Mick]

Ron Artest’s championship ring auctioned off for over $500k [Ball Don’t Lie]

Kudos to this guy for finding time for 600 rounds of golf in one year! Just think of all the beer he drank [PGA Tour]

Here is a timelapse of the Blizzard of ’10 hitting someones back yard – enjoy if you live in Florida and want to send out a virtual ‘Suck It’ to people living in Northeast [Totally Crap]

Ke$sha Quotes Read By An Old Guy [Ego Tv]

20 Great Photos Of Laptops That’ll Totally Make You LOL [Manofest]

Today’s Tail:

5 Mainstream Newspapers That You Can Read For News And NSFW Breasts! [Coed]

8 Reasons You Wouldn’t Want To Date A Porn Star [Guyism]

13 Moments Of Hot Incest Action In Film [Ranker]

Oh, hell yeah! Stephanie Seymour and the bazongas enjoying a day at the beach in St. Barths [The Blemish]

Here are the NSFW Lucy Pinder sunbathing pics to follow up from our SFW piece on her sideboob [TaxiDriverMovie]

Argue Amongst Yourselves: Krystal Forscutt has world’s best ass [Maxim U.K.]

So Sad: Natalie Portman has been sperminated and is now engaged [Moe Jackson]

Here is Paris Hilton still trashing it up in Hawaii…still in bikini [Drunken Stepfather]

Nice Russian Ass Of The Day Award goes to Valentina [Celebslam]

Melanie Jane will help whore up this last Tuesday of 2010 [Dirty Rotten]

Katsia is a new Victoria’s Secret full c-cup model from Belarus [NextRound]

LMC85 has the best ass/lips combo you’ll see all day [Flisted]

French Maids – A Gallery! [Uncoached]

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