Video: Minor League Hockey Shot Of The Year! Puck Goes Over Net & Into Guy’s Beer!


The Mississippi Surge and Louisiana IceGators of the East Coast Hockey League played an innocent hockey game Christmas night because people in Louisiana, we suppose, don’t have much going on besides watching minor league hockey on a holiday.

Then at the 6:01 mark of the first period something very odd happened.

What are the chances IceGators left winger Beau McLaughlin can take a shot the goes over the netting and into some guy’s beer?

Those chances are very, very good.

Posted: Dec. 26, 2010

Premise of Video: (via vlogger) a puck, that was shot out of play, lands in the beer of an IceGator fan who was standing behind the glass in the corner of the rink. 12/25/10

Climax of Video: Dude in Santa hat proudly holds his beer high so all the fans can see he’s taking home a souvenir and just lost at least $3 worth of beer after the splash down.

Conclusion: The IceGators won 5-3 and everyone went home happy.

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