The Very First Legal Drunken Terrelle Pryor Photo To Hit The Internets? Let Us Have It Ohio State Fans


Originally published July 14, 2010.

Update: We are running this one again for all those OSU dickheads who emailed us, ripped us and told us to go f@ck ourselves. Please email us today and apologize. Your QB is nothing but a wannabe mini-LeBron. Now he has destroyed your 2011 season. Again, the email is open for apologies.

We’ve asked Busted Coverage readers on a daily basis to send in photos of drunken athletes but the expectations were low.

And then reader Austin wrote in last night:

Dear Busted Coverage,

I love your site and would like for you guys to post this drunk picture of Terelle (sp) Pryor. Thank You

It’s official, boys. Football season is here when we start receiving our very first “Possibly Drunken Heisman Contender” photos.

Of course we’re not letting you see Pryor’s face without a click-thru.

This wouldn’t be Pryor’s first rodeo with Busted Coverage readers. You might remember we had a mini-expose on the Buckeyes golden boy hanging at a 21 & up bar after last year’s Iowa victory.

The only problem? Terrelle was only 20.

2009. The Little Bar. Columbus.

What makes today’s photo so much fun is that the guy is now 21 (June 20), which means from the look of things he’ll be turning in many more performances.

And it’s fun tweaking Ohio State fan who will start bombarding us with:

“Your (SID) an asshole.”

“Go fuck yourself and Michigan.”

“Big fucking deal. He’s now legal.”

“Why don’t you come down to Columbus and I’ll shove Kevin Frazier’s cellphone sideways up your ass.

“If I ever find out who you are I’m going to beat your ass.”


And be original, dickheads. Let us have it.

Now, let’s take a look at teams who have won BCS Championships over the last several years.

Alabama: QB – That dorky white guy.

Florida: QB – That virgin.

LSU: QB – Matt Flynn. Remember, OSU fan?

Florida: QB – Again, that virgin.

Texas: QB – Ok, you have a +1 point with this one.

USC: QB – Yeah, Leinart partied, but how couldn’t he win with that team.

LSU: QB – Matt Mauck. Seriously.

Ohio State: QB – Of course you remember.

Miami: QB – Ken Dorsey.

Oklahoma: QB – Josh Heupel.

Have a photo of a drunken athlete or story we need to hear? Email us.

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