Rex Ryan Foot Fetish Video Scandal: Is That Rex’s Cat Interrupting Michelle As She Airs Out The Toes? Did/Does Rex Drive F-150 Platinum?

The New York media went after Rex Ryan pretty bad about 45 minutes ago during the coach’s weekly presser.

The possibly foot crazed Jets coach was mum on the YouTube videos of a woman who really, really looks like his wife Michelle roll playing in foot fetish videos.

He either said no comment or that he wasn’t going to delve into private matters.

Take from that what you will.

What we do know is that a tipster has given us some new videos of what sure looks like and sounds like the Ryans having some footy fun. A 11 minute video compilation of an (alleged) Mrs. Ryan wearing several different styles of shoes and even a family cat make an appearance!

What we do know from chatting with our tipster is that ihaveprettyfeet wasn’t just some fly by night foot fetish freak. This person was willing to act out fantasies for men.

That why we tell you to keep an eye on the shoe changes.

What mid-40s woman has Vans (as you’ll see in our second video still being edited) laying around her closet.

Or Chuck Taylors?

Two items of interest to most who are following/piecing together this story:

• Did Rex own a Ford F-150 Platinum?

• Are you the Ryans vet and can confirm that is the family cat?

In our next batch of video uploads we get a naked foot bedroom scene, a male voice that sure sounds like Rex and chuckling from that male voice that we feel you’ve heard before.

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