Cuff 'Em: That Indianapolis Colts Fan Threw A Christmas Tree At Wife During Domestic Dispute

Meet Kyllie Smith.

He’s a Colts fan. From Indiana. Is 40. Married.

And pissed the fuck off at his wife. Why? We’re not sure, but he threw the family Christmas tree at her.

A man was arrested Sunday after he threw a Christmas tree at his wife during a domestic disturbance, police said.Kyllie Smith, 40, faces a charge of domestic battery in the presence of a child, a Class D felony.Police said they were called to the 3100 block of West Indiana 46 after Smith got into a fight with his wife, striking her on the head before throwing the tree and hitting her in the back.

Of course the story didn’t mention that Mr. Smith was a Colts fan. We just got lucky that the guy was wearing his trusty 2005 AFC South Champions shirt when the cops showed up.

It’s too bad we already awarded that last copy of Madden ’11 that was sitting around Busted Coverage HQ. The kid who watched all this go down could have used a nice present to take his/her mind off daddy sitting in jail on Christmas.

[Police: Man Threw Christmas Tree At Wife]

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