Video: The Craziest Mexican Winter League Baseball Fight Of 2010 Featuring MLB Journeyman Jeff Salazar Getting KO'ed

From time to time we’ll get dispatches from Scot Drucker, a RHP who has pitched in the Oakland and Detroit farm systems, as he journeys through the winter leagues of the Dominican Republic and now the Mexican Winter League.
Scot wrote to us Friday with news of the craziest baseball brawl we’ve seen this year.
His full report and the video of MLB journeyman Jeff Salazar being nearly killed are after the jump.

[youtube width=”525″ height=”455″][/youtube]
Posted: Dec. 16, 2010
Premise of Video: (from our man, Scot Drucker, in the Mexican League) I just got down here 3 days ago,  jeff salazar stole 2nd base against us up 6-1 in the 6th innings. kind bush thing to do. Our 2nd baseman starting chirping at him saying you dont do that. Then we run a pick off play to get him back a little, and all hell breaks loose. Salazar gets clobbered and knocked out cold. Emile Brown gets kicked in the mouth and eventually ends up in our dugout with 20 of our guys hitting everyone.   The opposing team is the yaquis, they have their pants up. It was weird too that we both wore blue jerseys last night.  My team mexicali has white pants and red jackets.
Climax of Video: Salazar getting his shit served to him by the pitcher.
Conclusion: We’re not sure what the big deal is stealing at bag up 6-1, but when it leads to brawls like this Busted Coverage is all for it.

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