Free Shit Friday: We Have One More Copy Of Madden ’11 Left To Send Someone Seriously In Need This Christmas Season

After reading today’s Cuff ‘Em story on the crack addict stealing her children’s Christmas gifts to pawn for crack it got us thinking.

There is still a Madden ’11 (Xbox) game left in the Busted Coverage prize vault.

We know there are those of you out there who are struggling. Really struggling. And Christmas might be a little light this year because jobs are scarce and times just aren’t like they used to be.

Maybe your child isn’t getting the motherlode of gifts like you did back in the day. Maybe an extra $50 for a video game just isn’t in the cards. Don’t give us the usual “poor college student” story. Your ass had enough money to buy books and participate in an Undie Run where you gave away clothes.

We want real people with real problems and specifically a child where the gift would be super cool.

Tell us your story via email and we’ll find a great home for this brand new, wrapped Madden ’11 game. Your story will remain private and never, ever shared with the BC community.