Daily Dump: Erin Andrews Jersey Chasing Clay Matthews Jr.?, Women’s Volleyball Helmet?, No Beer At Vikings-Bears?, Vick’s $90k Gift, Nationals Re-Sign Wang, 50 Best Names In NHL, 19 Girls/1 Car, Demi Lovato Cell Pics & Miranda Kerr Bent Over Ball

Game to play this morning…find the two tattoos in this picture of Daniela.

• As we mentioned, no more NFL teams can play on Thursday, Sunday night or Monday night without winning 10 games for two consecutive seasons. Prove you are worthy of our prime time viewing.

• Chargers 34. 49ers 7.

• Brett Favre not playing in a NFL game streak will extend to two.

• Erin Andrews hitting on Clay Matthews Jr. via Twitter? Can we possibly blame her?

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Today’s Dump:

…get your asses out of bed and rolling today with simply the best ‘drunk dad dancing at a sporting event video’ you’ll see all week and possibly all year. True, we’re 14 days away from the end of 2010 so this one will be hard to beat. This is dad giving the ladies some thrust action at Wizards-Lakers [BroBible]

The Pussification of Women’s Volleyball – who the fuck wears a padded helmet in that sport? [Barstool]

Photo: Hundreds of people clearing snow for Vikings outdoor game and news of no beer for Monday’s game [SB Nation]

In case you missed the $90k gift Michael Vick got for his fiancee for her birthday [Philly ChitChat]

Here is Vick’s first post-prison television commercial [Shutdown Corner]

Kudos to the headline editor: Nationals re-sign Taiwan’s Wang [Yahoo]

Rarities:  A H.S. basketball player dunking and shattering a backboard! WTF? [Guyism]

Say hello to the Chargers cheerleader with giant cans who will represent S.D. at Pro Bowl [Ultimate Cheerleaders]

Other big news out of the Vikings-Giants MNF game in Detroit…fans went nuts for Vikings cheerleaders [Detroit News]

This is fun…50 Best Names In NHL…build your own all-porn name list by just combining the French players with the Russians [The Province]

19 Girls…1 Car [The Smoking Jacket]

6 Useless Gifts You’ll Get For Christmas [EgoTV]

20 Little Shits Crying On Santa’s Lap [Manofest]

Today’s Tail:

NSFW Natural Rack Of The Day That Will Totally Drive Your I.T. Team Nuts: Tasha! [Boobie Blog]

Demi Lovato slutty leaked cellphone pics! [Yeeeah]

Miranda Kerr assumes position over workout ball (scroll down) [Paparazzi TV]

The Best Danielle Lloyd Photos With Underboob You’ll See All Day [Hollywood Tuna]

Girls Gone Nutz For Those Balls Hanging From Trucks! 18 Photos! [Coed]

Jessica Alba looking all cute and MILF-y at Little Fockers premiere [Moe Jackson]

Halle Berry. December. Freezing ass cold in most parts of the country. Bikini time! [Don Chavez]

Natalie Imbruglia nip slip time! [The Nip Slip]

If Tiger is looking to rebound with a Swedish model, this chick Pernilla should be #1 on his list [Uncoached]

Hot Chicks Posing Next To Pianos: Nicole! [The Beer Goggler]