Cuff ‘Em: Bitch, You Better Not Be Guilty Of Selling Your Kid’s Christmas Gifts To Buy Crack

Say hello and Happy Holidays to Sandra J. Bauers.

She’s a piece of shit, according to police. Such a piece of shit that she’d steal her children’s Christmas presents to buy crack. Seriously.

Sheriff’s Capt. Steven Johnson said Bauers, the mother of two young sons, stole about $1,000 worth of toys and gifts that the children’s grandmother bought last week. Bauers then sold the gifts to buy crack, he said.

The children — two boys, ages 4 and 5 — were staying with their grandmother, Bauers’ mother, who has a restraining order against Bauers.

Despite the restraining order, the grandmother, Pamela Gyon, wanted Bauers to be a part of the children’s Christmas, so she invited her daughter to go shopping with her.

“That was my error,” Pamela Gyon said. “She had a drug habit. I tried to help her as her mother, but drugs are more important.”

Mommy, what happened to the Wii system grandma, I mean Santa, got us for Christmas,’

Shut up, you little shit. Don’t you see that mommy is getting the shakes?

Look, we understand that drugs have a horrible grip on the human mind. We watch Intervention. We used to be so hooked on caffeine that stopping cold turkey was insane. Just the thought of a Pepsi in a frosty mug sent us into a rage.

But stealing Christmas gifts for your kids? Yeah, not good on the socially acceptable list.

“We had Nerf machine guns, the big ones. Lots of t-shirts and jeans and socks and underwear. Pillow pets,” said the grandmother, Gyon.


[Police: Belleville mom sold kids’ Christmas presents for crack]

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