Best Of ’10 Chicks Of The Year: Cally Stanphill Has Best Butt Of Any Random Chick Emailing Us In 2010

Welcome to our feature here at Busted Coverage simply called “Chicks” where we feature models, magazine shoots, etc.

If you are a model who’d like to be featured, email us and we’ll be the judge and jury to determine if you are worthy of our pageviews.

We’re spending the month of December looking back at all the great moments in ‘Chicks.’

There are two-three levels of chicks that we deal with on a daily basis.

Porn Star: The boobs are crazy fake and the brains are lacking sufficient operating power.

Magazine Models: The boobs can actually be real, the skin tone is a gift from God and they have resumes filled with international covers.

Normal Chicks: These ladies are trying to make it in the world of modeling one Model Mayhem shoot at a time. These are usually the chicks we see at the beach and figure just the thought of us being a blogger (albeit a little overweight thanks to sitting on our asses all day) could land this category of chick.

Cally Stanphill (follow her on Twitter!) falls into the Normal Chick gallery and to say that her ass impressed us this year is an understatement. The fishing pole photo helped take home this year’s Best Butt Of Random Chick Who Emailed Us award.

There is a ladder to climb in the modeling world and Cally’s resume has a bullet point. Congrats!


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