Daily Dump: Minnesota Vikings To Hire Snow Shovelers, 10 Fatheads You Shouldn’t Buy, Allen Iverson Vs. Bumblebee, Nate Robinson GIF, Jerry Jones Arm Candy, Lamar Odom Christmas Card, Drunk X-Mas Girls & Kardashian See Through


Chicks that respect, love & would jump Batman’s schlong….GALLERY!

• Here is the police report from Hulk Hogan’s crazy wedding brawl between a photographer and security hired to work the nuptials.

• Which NBA team has the second-highest attendance average? Cleveland!

• Guess who lost to LeBron in Miami last night…Cleveland! No point to be made. Just saying.

• Bob Feller had one helluva life in those 92 years. He died last night, but leaves behind one insane history in baseball. READ THIS.

• Who’s ready for yet another primetime game for the 49ers? Not us. There should be a new rule: you can’t be on Thursday, Sunday or Monday until you win at least 10 games for 2 consecutive seasons.

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Today’s Dump:

…we get started with news that the Minnesota Vikings have 99 Problems and that bitch gunslinger ain’t one. How about playing at TCF Field where the Gophers play? Only probs, bitches, are the 5 feet snow drifts inside the stadium! Or how about no keg taps! Or how about only 50,000 seats! [SB Nation]

Best List Of The Week: 10 Fatheads You Shouldn’t Buy For Your Child This Christmas (including Jerry Jones nose picking Fathead) [MacBros]

Here is Allen Iverson’s competition these days – nice bumblebee costume, bro [SportsGrid]

The Nate Robinson face plant GIF all your bros will be talking about today []

Here is the Dallas Cowboys Christmas party including a couple blonds ready to get trained by Jerry Jones and Miles Austin [The Big Lead]

You have to read what Mark Cuban would do to the BCS [Dr. Saturday]

Here is what Fox is going to do in-game that is going to piss you off [Awful Announcing]

Um, that’s Lamar Odom on the Kardashian Christmas card trying to figure out when, where to serve divorce papers to fatty [Yeeeah]

Possibly the biggest football hit of the 2010 season – dude’s helmet goes flying 10 feet in the air [BroBible]

Fake police chase to sell NHL tickets? Yep, the Atlanta Thrashers used their Zamboni for this! [CBS]

The biggest highlight of Santacon…girls kissing! [Asylum]

Lego Black Ops [EgoTV]

Today’s Tail:

Drunk X-Mas Party Girls – GALLERY! [Coed]

Who’s up for a drunk girl dance party video for the ages? [Guyism]

Who’s up for Kim Kardashian see-through cleav on some red carpet? [Boobie Blog]

The chick with giant fake cans who’s taking Japan by storm [The Smoking Jacket]

Here is the leaked Angelina Jolie ass shot you’ve been hearing about [Regretful Morning]

Tasha Reign assuming the position on this piece of shit sofa [The Beer Goggler]

Claudia Schiffer in giant boots and tight pants – gallery! [CelebSlam]

B&W Arty NSFW Pics Of The Day in case you own an art gallery and browse Busted Coverage [NSFW POA]

NSFW Spanish Lesbian Mainstream Movie Screencaps To Peruse [Nudography]

Girls Eating Turkey Legs! Gallery! Sexy Food Porn! [Uncoached]

Tooshie Tuesday included special emphasis on spotlight tooshie [Funtasticus]

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