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Cuff ‘Em: That Innocent Face Is Accused Of Stealing Copper From Greenville Braves Stadium

From some Greenville, S.C. TV station:

A Greenville man is under arrest after police say he attempted to steal copper from the Braves Stadium.

Robert Dalton Peters, 40, was arrested after Greenville Police say one of their dogs found him hiding in some woods near the stadium on 1 Braves Avenue.

A GPD officer spotted a suspicious looking vehicle in the parking lot at the stadium early Tuesday morning. The stadium is the former home of the Atlanta Braves AA farm team off Mauldin Road.

Officers say they found tools and pieces of copper on the ground in the concession area, but couldn’t locate a suspect.

We’re going with meth addict. Look at those eyes. Dude was either crying or smoking up before going on a copper run.

The thing that drives us crazy about these thieves is that their getaway plan always suck. Hide in the woods? Nice one. Not even a getaway car? Not even some crack whore to hightail it out of the stadium lot in a 1985 Ford F-150?

So sad.

[Greenville Police Arrest Suspected Copper Thief At Braves Stadium]

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