College Bowl Ticket Disasters! Guess How Many Fiesta Bowl Tickets UConn Fans Have Bought


Now, the number you’ll see after the jump is ticket sales through the school, which has a major obligation to excite its base into spending between 600-$850 for flights to Arizona over the holiday.

You know how excited UConn was to make a BCS game? Well, financially, playing in a BCS game is about to mean the school is going to take a mammoth pie to the face.

Your UConn BCS ticket sales number…after the jump!

From the New Haven Register:

And then there’s the little matter of ticket allocation. The Fiesta Bowl distributed 17,500 tickets to UConn, and the school is responsible to sell them all. The cheapest of those tickets cost $111 (in the lower end zone) and can cost as much as $268 for club level.

Whether UConn maximizes its revenue opportunity will depend on the amount of tickets it can sell. The school will almost certainly take a bath. As of Monday night, only 4,000 tickets had been sold, meaning UConn was still holding roughly $2.5 million in unsold tickets.

UConn ad campaigns encourge fans to purchase travel packages through the school ( But it doesn’t help that game tickets can be purchased through alternate websites like for as little as $20.

Only 4K out of 17,500!

And now you assholes who always wonder why Ohio State gets BCS bids over UConn can STFU.

Ticket sales, fellas. Who can bring the bodies.

Oh, and before we destroy UConn too much, OU isn’t exactly having strong sales. The Sooners won’t sell their 17,500 either.

Other bowl game ticket news:

•  Nevada has sold more than 15,000 tickets to its bowl game in San Francisco.

• Virginia Tech expects to take a huge bath on its Orange Bowl trip. The school has only sold 6,500 tickets.

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