The Afternoon Dump: Carmello Anthony Inspired Ad, Mangini Fired, Cliff Lee Is An Uncle, Osama Married Kim Jong Il, Black Ops: Lego Version, Awesome Stop-Motion, Leighton Meester in Allure, & The Ice Queen Alexandra Ivarsdottir


Brooklyn Decker reminds me of the joy outside of finals week.

1st final: Failed
Final Project: Aced
Final tomorrow: Should get an A

Overall: Awesome

If I only had the final project and my exam tomorrow then I would be looking really good right now but the final I had yesterday raped me along with everybody else in the course. I don’t understand why professors do that.

Have a good day.

Afternoon Dump

Amare Stoudemire puts ad on Craigslist more Carmello Anthony [The Hoop Doctors]
Browns’ Mangini to get fired? [Yardbarker]
Celtics vs. Knicks may be the new Pats vs. Jets [Barstool Sports]
Kinsler calls Lee an ‘uncle’ [Crossing Broad]
What team is Cam Newton likely to be drafted to? [The Big Lead]
Osama married Kim Jong Il, great prop 8 terrorism [Banned in Hollywood]
The 33 Chilean Miners were almost Time Person Of The Year [Guanabee]
The Lego version of ‘Black Ops’ [EgoTV]
Not going to lie but stop-motion is awesome [The Daily What]
Drunk girl dance party ends in light fixture-induced concussion [Guyism]
Leighton Meester is sexy in Allure [Yeeeah]
Irina Voronina can cook for me anyday [Totally Crap]
Alexandra Ivarsdottir is a hot ice queen [Gunaxin]
Gwyneth Paltrow is fashionable [The Blemish]

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