The Afternoon Dump: Greatest Pitching Rotations, The Snow Bowl, Jose Canseco Returning To Baseball, Dexter’s Divorce, Mila Kunis’ Dad Upset, Katty Perry’s Non-Cleavage Pics, & Hottest Girls Playing Pool


Adriana Lima makes me want to buy flowers now.

Sorry for the lack of Click-A-Chick today. I barely had time to do the Afternoon Dump. I have a huge exam today and I stayed up all night studying for it. I thought the exam was at a different time then I originally thought.

Hopefully I’ll be back to normal tomorrow.

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Have a good day.

Afternoon Dump

The greatest pitching rotations of all time [Strait Pinkie]
Giants vs. Vikings dubbed ‘Snow Bowl’ [SB Nation]
Jose Canseco to play baseball in Puerto Rico? [Yardbarker]
You can create superathletes from these duos [unathletic]
Who the eff is Justin Bieber? [Totally Crap]
There is a raccoon thief! [EgoTV]
WTF, Dexter is getting a divorce [Yeeeah]
Mila Kunis’ dad isn’t too happy with her new movie [Celebslam]
Maybe Katy Perry’s new husband doesn’t like her showing her cleavage [Popoholic]
I still think Reese Witherspoon is cute [Moe Jackson]
Leighton Meester looks overdressed [The Superficial]
The 20 hottest girls playing pool [Heavy]

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