Daily Dump: Joe Paterno Can’t Hear Shit, Detroit’s Finest Score December Super Bowl Tickets, ESPN-Favre ‘Gasm, Philly Daily News Cliff Lee ‘Gasm, Snow Bowl ‘Gasm, Colossal Cleavage, Marisa Miller Hair Bra & Ke$ha Cellphone Leaks


Rali Ivanova is just another Bulgarian women who wants to make it in the U.S.

• We are stunned that Cliff Lee turned down the advances of his bestest, greatest friend in baseball – CC Sabathia. So, now Zach Greinke gets to pitch in pinstripes.

• As we’ve been preaching for months, Favre will be home in early December. We are a few days off. Sorry. The retirement announcement should come next Tuesday.

• It’s sad to hear that Ford Field was actually blowing a Gjallarhorn to get fans pumped up last night. It’s one thing to paint one of your hated rivals logos on the field, but that horn means so many bad things to Lions fan.

• Uh, oh. Tiger is spending Christmas alone. This might not end well. Porn star sliding down the chimney? Sounds good to Eldrick.

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Today’s Dump:

…we get started with the single greatest Joe Paterno phone interview you’ll ever hear. JoePa is new to this cellphone technology and can’t hear the stupid shit some Tampa radio host is spewing. This is like calling your great-grandfather and the only thing he can hear are flashbacks from WWI. [BroBible]

Here are some of Detroit’s finest who scored tickets to last night’s Super Bowl []

Fuck off, ESPN: those assholes gave Favre his own ticker tag last night [SB Nation]

Fuck off, Philadelphia Daily News: Happy Cliffmas? Go fuck yourself, headline writer [Crossing Broad]

If only Cleveland’s LeBron haters would have taken a lesson from Newcastle fans who turned in these fan-fucking-tastic hate filled banners towards Mike Ashley (whoever the hell that is) [Who Ate All The Pies]

Awesome Link: A complete pun recap from the Chicago-N.E. snow-gasm bowl [Joe Sports Fan]

Minor league hockey Happy Holidays jersey fail award goes to this team [Sportress of Blogitude]

The most awesome game coming soon to an ESPN channel – 3D Dodgeball! [EgoTV]

How is LSU handling its problem with ‘glory holes’ around campus? [Friends of the Program]

Which leads us to the most disgusting, horrifying belch you’ll hear all day [Guyism]

You have to see the roller coaster built by MIT students [On Campus Drama]

The Best Bar Sign You’ll See All Day [OneQuickBeer]

Today’s Tail:

60+ Photos: Colossal Christmas Cleavage! [Coed]

50 Hottest Women Russia Has To Offer unless you are willing to settle for a 7.5 and broken English [Uncoached]

NSFW Boobs That Will Totally Freak Out The IT Assholes At Your Employer: Kandi Kay [BoobieBlog]

Katsia has to have the hottest, freshest face Victoria’s Secret has found in 15 years [Totally Crap]

In case you missed the Marisa Miller hairbra for skin cancer poster [Yeeeah]

Ke$sha cellphone leaks in case that kind of shit gets you giddy in the morning [The Blemish]

Katie Price and those giant cans invade Vegas! [Holy Moly]

Speaking of boobs, WTF has Victoria Silvstedt done to her lips? [TaxiDriverMovie]

Christina Milian broke out the cleavage as a Christmas gift to men at NBC [CelebSlam]

Your light beam will appreciate seeing Olivia Wilde at the Tron premiere [Moe Jackson]

Wait until you see Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and this arm bra action [Yes Bitch]

Wait until you see Alessandra Ambrosio’s ‘Hottie’ undies [The Beer Goggler]

Asians in Mrs. Claus costumes – a gallery [DJ Mick]

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