Cam Newton Girlfriend News: Here Is The White Girl (Photos) Cam Is (Allegedly) Boning Which Is Sending Black/White Communities Into Frenzy


Heisman Trophy winner Cam Newton is supposedly giving his first round wood to some chick named Sasha, according to the media hounds at

That is supposedly Cam’s lady on web cam. The black community is calling her a Becky (that’s not good, according to our sources) and the white community is obviously reacting in disbelief because they are jealous of his future contract, his contract with Auburn and of course his giant schlong.

You’ll see the two of them together on web cam and Cam wearing a K.C. Royals hat, after the jump.

React accordingly, America. Keep in mind that it’s the 21st Century.

Do you know ‘Sasha’ and want to share Facebook photos, Twitter account handles, old MySpace junk? Drop us a line.

[HT: MediaTakeOut]

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