The Afternoon Dump: Legends-Leaders Showdown, Jose Canseco Loves Baseball, Owner Heckles Opposing Player, Head Kick = KO, Worst Childrens Books, Miley Cyrus Loves Salvia, Sexy Nerds, Bikini Babe Amanda Mertz, & Katsia Damankova’s Body


Rosie Jones produces yet another sexy photoshoot.

Purdue made it look extremely easy against Northern Florida but UNF has only been a division 1 school for two years so it isn’t say that much.

Jets lost again and I hate them so it made me happy. Who sticks out their knee when someone runs down the sideline? Cheap.

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Afternoon Dump

Big Ten division names are ‘legends’ and ‘leaders’ [The Big Lead]
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Germany makes a toy dog that poops [The Daily What]
Head kick = KO [Totally Crap]
The 20 worst children’s book covers [Heavy]
Miley Cyrus gets crazy off of Salvia [Yeeeah]
Hottest nerd crushes [Maxim]
Kate Beckinsale goes shopping, still the hottest mom [Popoholic]
Amanda Mertz is a sexy sailor [F-Listed]
Katsia Damankova’s sweet body is a perfect distraction [Brosome]

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