Daily Dump: Another NY Jets Coaching Staff Asshole, Josh Koscheck’s Orbital Bone Fracture, Sam Bradford Caught Black Guy From Behind, Alex Ovechkin Fight!, Shitty Hockey Goal, NSFW Morning Diamond Cutters & Estella Warren!

Katy Perry’s Jingle Ball concert costume gallery. Here!

• It’s cold as fuck outside. Just thought you’d like to know that in case you reside in San Diego, Miami or somewhere near Phoenix and are wearing shorts to work today.

• At this point is it even possible for anyone to beat the Patriots? Possible, yes. Likely, no.

• Did you catch the end of the Bucs-Redskins game? Nice special teams from the ‘Skins.

• Remember the douchebag poker player who was runner-up in the Main Event at the WSOP that we were making fun of for making a documentary about his tourney run? Yeah, well he was busted for his 3rd DUI over the weekend. Dude makes a few million in poker and can’t call a taxi?

• Do the Cincinnati Bengals tell Carson Palmer it’s time to help mold Cam Newton to be the next Bengals QB? The guy’s arm/shoulder is toast. FUCKING BURNT TOAST!

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Today’s Dump:

…we get the week started with news that a NY Jets coach actually tripped a Miami Dolphins special teamer who was covering a punt. Just another move by assholes who work for Rex Ryan. This organization will totally implode either late this season or early next year. [Guyism]

This is what Josh Koscheck’s orbital bone looked like after Saturday’s UFC ass whippin’ [Bloody Elbow]

50 Hottest Athletes Of 2010 as ranked by guys who know poon & some sports [Coed]

In case you missed the Cowboys player asking and getting a Mike Vick autograph after last night’s game [Larry Brown]

In case you missed Seahawks WR Deon Butler catching this TD pass and breaking his leg [BroBible]

White QB vs. this N.O. Saints safety: Can Sam Bradford actually catch a black dude in a sprint? Yep! [Shutdown Corner]

Here is the DeSean Jackson TD celebration GIF that will be all the rage this morning on Twitter, Facebook & in your email inbox [Crossing Broad]

Alex Ovechkin actually dropped the gloves over the weekend and turned in this masterpiece [Gunaxin]

“That’s a shitty hockey goal,” says Florida Panthers broadcaster [Ben Maller]

2 Girls, 1 Cup-Winner [Who Ate All The Pies]

Gallery Time! Hottest Leaked Celebrity Cellphone Photos! [Manofest]

Gemma Merna and those giant boobs hit the Barbados beaches over the weekend [Moe Jackson]

Big Boobs That’ll Get Your Ass Fired By Lunch: These Boobs! [Boobie Blog]

We’d Totally Lick Whipped Cream Off This Ass: Kayla Collins [Uncoached]

NSFW Morning Diamond Cutters: Jade Bryce is from Texas and will drive you nuts [Pretty Hot & Sexy]

Monday Company Time Wasters: Estella Warren in various swimsuits [Heyman]

Hot Chick Time Machine! Maria and Blake in bikinis! [Don Chavez]

Boobs! A giant gallery that’ll make your head explode [DJ Mick]