Cuff 'Em: Kentucky Cheerleader Helps Kentucky QB Assault Some Chick After Getting Hammered At Some UK Bar


There was news late last week that Kentucky’s QB, Mike Hartline, was arrested for assaulting some chick in a drunken rage of some sort.

Lost in that news was that a UK cheerleader was arrested for helping Hartline with that assault.

Meet Ashley Kathleen Carnes. This isn’t Ashley’s first time making headlines. She was actually Q&Aed by Esquire earlier this year during the Wildcats March Madness run.

Here is the Esquire interview:

Ever have any run-ins with creepy cameramen?
Ashley Carnes, Kentucky: I have had a few run-ins with aggressive cameramen, but not so much creepy ones. All you can do is just keep smiling and be as natural as you can.

So what’s Ashes in trouble for?

Hartline and Carnes, a UK cheerleader, were arrested for alcohol intoxication and disorderly conduct, Roberts said, after officers determined they were “visibly intoxicated and posed a potential danger to themselves or others.”

The incident began, according to the police report, as Hartline and “several others” rode home in a cab from the Tin Roof, a bar near UK’s campus. After they arrived at Crescent Avenue, they began “yelling and cursing at each other,” according to the report.

In addition to disorderly conduct and alcohol intoxication, Hartline, 22, was charged with failing to notify the Department of Transportation of an address change. Carnes, 20, also was charged with using or attempting to use a false ID to obtain alcohol.

Ashley seems like a huge party girl. That means there are multiple party photos floating around the Internets. Um, send the good ones.

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