2010 San Diego State Undie Run Video: This Chick Is Hot From What We Can See When A Camera Flash Goes Off

Ho hum.

Yet another finals week is over and the students at San Diego State celebrated last night by ripping off their clothes and running in the 2010 SAN DIEGO STATE UNDIE RUN!

Have we tired of college chicks scampering around campus in their skivvies? Sorta, but we’ll soldier through on this one.

Video! Jump! At Your Leisure!

Posted: Last night

Premise of Video: (via vlogger) This is the pre-run at the Aztec Center.

Climax of Video: It’s kinda sexy in an Erin Andrews pepping type way when the flash goes off and we get to see a sexy coed with a tan in December bouncing up and down. Put her on a trampoline and we could get 500k YouTube views in 5 days.

Conclusion: You are about to be inundated with Undie Run lists, Best Ever posts and enough photo galleries to make your head explode. Settle in. Your Friday is about to become Undie Run Overload.

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