Cuff ‘Em: Yes, That Is A Woman & She Was Arrested For Stabbing Her Husband Because He Wanted To Watch Patriots Monday Night Football Game


Yes, this happened in Florida.

Yes, that really is a woman. Yes, she really stabbed her husband of five months because he wanted to watch the Patriots on MNF and she wanted to watch The Closer.

Yes, the husband was nearly killed.

The story from local TV dorks who relish such news items:

Public Information Officer Michael Puetz from the St. Petersburg Police Department says, “They’ve been married for about 5 months, so we don’t know their total history at this point. But, obviously this was an extreme case of letting your emotions get away from you.”

St. Pete Police say Deloris got so angr that her husband wouldn’t give up the remote that she ran to the kitchen, grabbed a five-inch steak knife and stabbed him.

Not once, not twice, but seven times.

She got him everywhere, cops say, in the back of the head, his face, his shoulder, his back, and ultimately, his chest.

Detectives say she plunged the knife so deeply that she punctured his lung, nearly killing him.

Still not convinced that is a woman?

Here is the booking report from the Pinellas County Sheriff department.

We’re pretty sure this marriage is doomed.

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