Daily Dump: Kim Kardashian Banging N.J. Nets Role Player, Arsenal Players & Their WAGs, Throwback Cheerleader Uniform Disaster, Darren Pang: "White Way", Big Ben Broken Nose Shirts, Holiday Handbras, Kelly Bensimon Black Bikini & Nadia Dawn!


Carla’s Amish-like lingerie shoot is nice if you are tired of actually seeing skin.

• Do you realize how many blog posts we cam across this morning with headlines about how awkward the Derek Jeter press conference was? Too fucking many. Dude felt like Hank negotiated through the media and didn’t like it. The first negotiation with a Yankees legend since dad passes away and one of those boys needs to make a mark.

• You know why Eric Johnson is a genius? He’s banging and marrying Jessica Simpson. Why is that a genius move? Because her M&M bonging giant ass sold $750 million in clothing last year and divorce means ‘fuck you’ money for the former 49ers tight end.

• Army-Navy this Saturday in case you didn’t realize the game hasn’t been played.

• We said way back in late September that Brent Favre would be finished by early December. That call is about to become reality. He didn’t practice yesterday and is expected to test the sprained shoulder today. We expect a press conference to say “The body can’t take it. I’m finished.”

• How much money will it take to get Jenn Sterger to go away? She wants a resolution? Seriously? To shit that happened two years ago? Oh, fuck off.

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Today’s Dump:

…we get started with news that The Giant Ass® is now banging a member of the New Jersey Nets. Kris Humphries? Never heard of him. He averages 7.4 ppg and 8.3 rpg. She averages 1 nachos, 2 fries and 1 milkshake per night. Looks like this relationship might work for Kim. [Celebslam]

For the WAG trackers amongst us: Arsenal players step out with their dressed up arm candy [Who Ate…]

Throwback Uniform Disasters: The worst uniform choice ever made by the San Diego Chargers cheerleading team [Ultimate Cheerleaders]

Darren Pang in all sorts of hot water for fucking up his words when talking about some black NHLer doing things the “white way” [Puck Daddy]

The Ben Roethlisberger broken nose shirts that are all the rage right now [DonkeyTS]

In case you missed the video of TCU blowing up half of its stadium as it prepares to pump $105 million into renovations! Suck it, mid-majors! [Off The Bench]

Did you hear how 30 Browns’ fans ruined LeBron’s dinner the other night? In Miami? [NY Post]

In case you missed Michael Wilbon’s final Washington Post column or don’t click the link if you don’t give two shits about his print work [Washington Post]

Want to see this soccer player’s shin bone snap? [Sportress of Blogitude]

Here is what happens when you put a can of whipped cream in the microwave…via…[Linkiest]

10 Most Incriminating Sexts Of 2010 in case you were in a coma and are catching up on all the news from the past 11.5 months [Ranker]

Question of the Day: Should porn sites be tracking our Internet search history? [BroBible]

8 People You Hate At The Grocery Store [Regretful Morning]

Today’s Tail:

44 Hot Holiday Handbras to get you into the Christmas spirit [Coed]

Hot Chicks Who Are Actually SFW & Holding Guns Gallery! [Boobie Blog]

Sexiest Celebrity Legs Of The Year – A Massive Gallery! [Moe Jackson]

Kelly Bensimon busts out her black bikini and a nation pauses [Don Chavez]

20 Sexiest Tron Girls to dork out on, you dorks [Manofest]

Nadia Dawn is unbelievably sexy and hates it when you text her a ‘million’ times [The Smoking Jacket]

Here is that super cute chick from Community in a bikini and other random shots gallery! [Gunaxin]

Resurrected! 2006 GQ photos of Marisa Miller that are as good today as they were so long ago [The Beer Goggler]

Give Skyler a few months. Modeling will turn into nude photos, which will turn into porn [Uncoached]

Naike Rivelli’s red carpet nip see through dress for see-through fans [The Nip Slip]

Olivia Wilde wearing her #69 shirt [Sharapova’s Thigh]

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