Grandma Bending Over And Shaking Her Ass At USC-UCLA Is Bright Side Of Rivalry Game Bloodied By Stabbings

Yes, the Photoshop work isn’t the best.

We’re in a hurry, need to leave the office but can’t hit the road until you see USC grandma working it Saturday prior to USC-UCLA.

At least there is a bright spot to a day when tailgate stabbings stole the headlines.


Posted: Dec. 6, 2010

Premise of Video: She’s drunk, maybe used to strip and hears a solid beat. Face down, ass up time!

Climax of Video: Pretty much the first time she grabs her ankles.

Conclusion: Filed under ‘things you won’t seen Ohio State grandmas doing because the weather is shitty and the joints are sore from the cold temperatures.’

First person to put us in telephone contact with grandma will forever be a hero to Busted Coverage Nation.


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