Cuff 'Em: Boston Bruins Fans Throw Beer, Brawl With Punks Who Won't High Five Them At Bruins Game

This is one of the stranger drunken fan arrest stories we’ve seen in a few months. You know high-five guy at sporting events. He started drinking after work and tried to pound as many happy hour specials as possible.

Then comes the game and the alcohol starts talking. Suddenly, high-fiving other Boston Bruins fans becomes a great idea.

When those fans won’t high-five drunk guy, the geniuses start throwing beer and kick the shit out of those turning down the requests.

This happened Thursday night, reports My Fox Boston:

Scott DeVivo, 40, of Newton, and Shaun Neary, 34 of Salisbury, were charged with assault and battery, among other charges, after allegedly throwing beer on people who left them hanging on a celebratory high five. The incident happened around 9 p.m. during the Bruins game against the Tampa Bay Lightning.

Victims in Section 8 reported that the suspects were randomly seeking people to high five, but when someone refused to indulge, they were assaulted.

According to Boston Police, an officer who had observed the fracas eventually approached DeVivo, who was on top of a victim he had knocked to the ground after throwing beer on him. The suspect, despite being commanded to stop, did not do so and instead attempted to pull the officer to the ground.

Read the rest of this arrest story. Please.

We’ve efforted the Scott Devivo Facebook page because he was the 40-year-old accused of such antics. One would figure that a dude who’s 40 and graduated from college way back in 1992 would know better.


What else do we know about DeVivo? He has two kids, a professional job and is married.

Philly fan is sorta impressed.

Have a photo of Scott DeVivo or his other beer-throwing buddy? Send it in!

[Failure to high five leads to brawl at Bruins game]