Cincinnati Bearcats Mascot Throws Snowballs, Figures Out How To Piss Off Cincy Cops Who Are Trying To Stay Warm

Heavy snow covered the field and stands for the Big East game on Saturday afternoon. When Pitt’s Dion Lewis scored the second of his three touchdowns in the half, students pelted him with snowballs and were told to stop. A school spokesman says the mascot also was told to stop throwing snowballs in the stands and pushed a security guard, knocking both of them to the ground.

And of course there are videos that you might not want your kids watching if they still believe in Santa or the Easter Bunny.

Posted: Yesterday

Premise of Video: Here we have the Bearcats mascot throwing snowballs and then the vlogger edits in the cops pinning the student character to the ground.

Climax of Video: Some genius yells “Fuck you, cops.” Otherwise, the highlight is a mascot being led away by a group of angry white guys who’d much rather be drinking hot cocoa, checking out the college pussy running around and maybe seeing the Pitt Panthers roll to victory.

Conclusion: The unnamed student was cited for disorderly conduct and will now have to explain to future employers why he isn’t the troublemaker his Internet presence makes him out to be.