Cuff ‘Em: Would Rena Denson Go Four-Wheeling Across A Football Field To Run Over Assholes Who Beat Up Her Son?


Sad news last night out of all places, Florida.

U.S. Marshals came looking for Rena Denson to serve an arrest warrant for an alleged incident that took place almost three months ago on a high school football field.

The mother of a Dr. Philips High School football player who state prosecutors say was attacked by teammates was arrested Friday evening for driving her car on the Dr. Philips football field almost three months ago when her son was attacked.

Rev. Porter Denson says two U.S. Marshals knocked on his door at around 5:30 Friday evening and asked if they had been targets of crime. But once inside an officer turned to his wife and said, “Gotta sad thing to tell you, we have a warrant for your arrest.”

49-year-old Rena Denson was arrested for aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. Darrien Denson was upset. “My mother’s in jail and not these players, it’s just utterly ridiculous.”

Officers say Rena drove onto the football field and toward the players that beat up her son. But Porter says that’s not true, “She got out and walked towards them she didn’t drive towards them that’s nonsense.”

Rena was released from jail at around 10pm on Friday. She said she never harmed anyone and calls her arrest a slap in the face.


Shit, we’d even let our own mother go down for such a crime. How cool is that? Wanda Sykes looking mom (allegedly) tried to run down these assholes by crossing a football field in a vehicle.

Instant street cred!

No word on the make or model of what Rena was driving. We’re guessing Cadillac Brougham. Just a guess.

[Mother of student “hazed” at Dr. Philips arrested – My Fox Orlando]

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