Yes, We Have New Naked Florida State Drunk Tailgate Chick Photos…Including Her Fat Friend Faux Banging Another Looker!


The tips are coming in and we’re efforting the leads into the identity of Drunk FSU Tailgate Chick.

One emailer says he went to high school with this broad and even gives us a name and Facebook linkage. Is this chick a FSU student? From what we have gathered, yes. Is she possibly associated with Alpha Chi Omega? Just throwing that out there.

Another tipster sent us panoramic photos of Saturday’s scene and says:

Do not disclose my information. There were 300+ people at this tailgate that all had their phones out either video taping or taking pictures of this girl. I know her name but, for her sake, will keep her anonymous. She had to have been topless for at least 45 min. Here are some pics from a distance, I have more, including her fat friend topless. Let me know if you want them, they are from the same distance.

Of course you get photos of the fat friend (still efforting the topless shots), after the jump!

Now comes the real sleuthing.

Can you name the fat friend and the chick she’s faux fucking? It’s December. Finals are either over and you are dicking off at the parent’s house or you are just sitting around waiting for one more final before winter break.

Help a blog out.

Why the fat friend’s name? Why not. She should get some recognition for this public display of affection, no?

Further naked FSU chick photo viewing can be done at On Campus Drama.

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