Twitpic: Look At This Old Coot Getting A Lap Dance At N.Y. Giants Tailgate Party!


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See the full-size photo of ‘Dad’ getting some carpet burn, AFTER THE JUMP!

Now, let’s go over some ground rules for today’s Twitpicage. First of all, this tailgating greatness comes from a Plixi account.

Next, yes that photo looks scanned. The chick who posted it says, “Picture from my bro at the Giants tailgate. Uhhh..”

That’s all we know.

It’s apparent that ‘Dad’ still knows what to do with his hands when the ‘hos want to ride the Pony Express. Step up, ladies, ‘Butch’ will be giving mustache rides this Sunday before the ‘Skins game.

[HT: This Chick]

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