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Photo: Drunk Florida State Tailgate Chick Going Hand Bra Before Falling Off Truck Tailgate

The tips are coming in.

Yesterday we asked Busted Coverage readers to identify who the drunk Florida State tailgate chick falling off a truck at the UF-FSU pregame.

We now have the above photo of the chick and, as you’ll see after the jump, she was going hand bra at one point Saturday afternoon.

The email came in this morning from Oat Meal at 2:58 a.m. EST.

“do not know her name but here is another picutre of her, if you get that video of her dancing naked post it up!!!”

We’re getting closer, fellas. Now that there is a face to put with those boobs it should be all down hill from here.

Send more photos, tips, bikini photos, etc.

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