Daily Dump: Marisa Miller’s Glorious Chest On Conan, Horseballs Anderson Is A Pissed Off Shitty NFL QB, ‘Bama Fires Music Guy, Rex Ryan’s POA Wife, Sara Carbonero Implanted Questions, Karolina Kurkova Is A Grid Girl & NSFW Nuts Boobs Of The Year!


How about some Kate Stikoudi hair bra to get you moving. Scroll down to see more!

• TCU to the Big East? Makes total geographical sense. Remember kids, can’t have a playoff system in college football because of travel issues and the athletes need to be home in the morning to attend class.

• Here is our semi-NSFW Christmas card that we’ll be sending out to our business associates.

• Erin Andrews Thought of the Day: Pageviews wonders what recruiting wars in Florida would be like if Gruden took Miami job.

• The Heat are now 10-8. Rest easy, America.

• How money are the Philadelphia Eagles this season? Sunday’s game was the most viewed NFL game this year. And America wasn’t tuning in to watch Cuntler.

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Today’s Dump:

…is there a better way to start a Tuesday besides providing you with this link to what Marisa Miller wore on Conan the other night? No fucking way. Just let yourself be mesmerized by those boobs. Don’t fight it. Click and enjoy. [Guyism]

In case you missed Derek “Horseballs” Anderson trying to remember what was so funny on the bench as his team was getting drilled – at home – last night. Great press conference! Great question by the reporter [YouTube]

Play Stevie “Guitar” Miller’s classic Take The Money And Run before the Iron Bowl and get fired [KegsNEggs]

The Ryan Mallett as Vanilla Ice GIF you’ll want to see [EDSBS]

Report: 15,000 whores expected to converge on Dallas for the Super Bowl [NBC – Dallas]

Here you go: Rex Ryan’s POA wife that he keeps yapping about [Sportress of Blogitude]

Andre Johnson fight fine is less than Ochocinco paid for wearing a sombrero [SB Nation]

Sideline reporter Sara Carbonero got a boob job? Blasphemy! [Who Ate All The Pies]

No Goal Run Rule In Soccer: This team gets drilled 55-0! [Out of Bounds]

This should go over well – U.S. to face North Korea in women’s World Cup [ESPN]

5 Inadvertent Porn Pics of The Day [Maxim]

Emotional distress causes woman to get naked on flight to NYC? Dating material! [Regretful Morning]

Maybe she is the chick who wore a bikini through a TSA checkpoint…via…[Linkiest]

Today’s Tail:

Kelly Brook took the cleav for a stroll in this dress this weekend. Are we tired of Brook’s boobs? Kinda. It would be much better if she were frolicking on a Caribbean beach and she lost the top and turned in a sand bra or two. [UseMyComputer]

71 Hottest Playboy Cyber Chicks Because Yesterday Was Cyber Monday [Coed]

6 Sexiest Moments So Far In TSA History [The Smoking Jacket]

Karolina Kurkova is the hottest POA grid girl in the history of grid girls [CelebSlam]

NSFW Nuts Magazine NSFW Boob Photos Of The Year! [Pretty Hot & Sexy]

Trista’s orders to the implant doctor: “Go big & don’t stop until you know bikini modeling will be in my future” [Uncoached]

New photos of Dana Hamm have been released – take two minutes out of your day & admire those lips [Heyman]

Battle of the Asses: Spain’s First Lady vs. First Lady of France [Banned In Hollywood]

Kevin the Intern swears shit went down over the holiday with these two broads [Funtasticus]

10 Women Who Owe Their Careers To Their Chests [Manofest]

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