Daily Dump: Peyton Manning ‘Not My Fault’ Faces, Leslie Nielsen Is Dead, WTF Is Moose Johnston Wearing?, Stevie Johnson Blames God, Audi A8 Vs. Wall, Chuck Norris Goalie Mask, Swanepoel XMas Lingerie & 68 Belt Bras!

Irina Sheik hand panties anyone? The rest of the gallery is just as impressive.

• Your BCS standings news: Northern Illinois makes it to #25 and Auburn overtakes Oregon. Other than that, Boise moves to #11 and can pretty much figure on losing $13 million via a single missed FG. So sad.

• What should Erin Andrews ask for this Christmas season?

• We’re still trying to figure out how Iowa lost to Minnesota.

• Peyton Manning is the master of “Oh, gosh darn, it’s not my fault we lost that game,” faces. Here is a batch from last night’s loss – at home – to the Chargers.

• You know how WSOP dorks are always saying they play the WSOP main event to win that dreamy bracelet? 2008 winner Peter Eastgate last week sold his on eBay. The winning bid – $147,500. All money went to charity.

• The Dean’s Dip Gamer Package Winner’s have been notified. If you didn’t get an email, your story wasn’t good enough. Sorry, maybe next time. There are winners in life and you aren’t one of them.

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Today’s Dump:

…we get our asses moving this morning with sad Hollywood & comedy news. Leslie Nielsen has passed. He was 84. Of course you 20-somethings know his Naked Gun work, but the greatest hits from Leslie come from his Police Squad days. Oh, and Airplane! Haven’t seen it? Download it on your iPad and watch it during class today. [Gunaxin]

WTF was Moose Johnston wearing yesterday? [Cosby Sweaters]

And while we’re at it, WTF happened to Dan Patrick’s hair? [Cosby Sweaters]

Bills’ WR Stevie Johnson uses Twitter to blame God for dropping an OT game-winner. We suppose Stevie will appreciate having his fingers cut off in a freak accident, ending his NFL days. Gonna happen, punk. God has powers, you know. [It’s Always Sunny In Detroit]

Esquire asks a Bills cheerleader what it was like to watch Stevie drop that game-winner. She actually started cheering and then had to come to terms with God making Stevie drop that one [Esquire]

Jon Gruden to Miami Hurricanes? Twitter is blowing up! [Larry Brown]

Of course Cortland Finnegan’s Wikipedia page has been defaced after yesterday’s Andre Johnson incident []

Jesse Jackson jumping on Michael Vick bandwagon [Crossing Broad]

Uh, oh! Team only meetings after Heat games? Suck it, fucktards [ESPN]

Jessica Simpson is marrying a former NFLer turned vegan? How the fuck is this going to work out? [The Blemish]

You have to see this soccer ref running for his life – So LOL, as the dorky kids say these days! [Buzzfeed]

Audi A8 vs. Concrete Wall: Not much can go wrong, right? [BroBible]

Car Wraps Gone Wrong! 25 Weird, Wrong, Stupid Moments In Car Wrap History! [Sub5Zero]

Speaking of art…have you seen the Chuck Norris hockey goalie helmet? [Niko Popp]

Merry XMas! Candice Swanepoel in her holiday lingerie [Heyman]

If you were at Disney World on Friday and swear you say some chick who looked like Megan Fox, IT WAS MEGAN FOX! [Moe Jackson]

Lais Navarro can’t possibly resist the urge to spend a night with BC just lounging and watching SportsCenter [CelebSlam]

Thanksgiving Is Over Link Of The Day: Very NSFW Indian chicks looking for a few pilgrims to bone [BoobieBlog]

Wait until you see this Brazilian POA [DJ Mick]

18 Craziest Naked Women To Ever End Up On The News [Ranker]

68 Belt Bras! [Coed]

Big Boobs & Guns – A small gallery [Lions Den]

30 Celebrities If They Were Fat (Justin Bieber looking like Cher’s son) [Manofest]