WAG Amanda Harrington Is The Hottest Hand Bra Model WAG To Ever Threaten To Sue Busted Coverage


We’d like to clear up a piece that appeared on Busted Coverage a month ago when our U.K. sources told us that serial WAG Amanda Harrington used to date Joey Barton.

That never happened, according to Harrington and now she is insanely pissed at Busted Coverage for publishing those claims. This WAG is so pissed she writes that if we don’t remove those claims we’ll feel the wrath of her lawyers.

We felt the following personal email sealed Amanda as “The Hottest Hand Bra Model WAG To Ever Threaten To Sue Busted Coverage.”

This is new territory for us since U.K. WAGs don’t seem too interested in American football, which we cover much more than the Euro futbol scene.

Just look at how pissed off Amanda is (click for larger image):

The thought of going to battle in a courtroom with a hair bra model is tempting.

The thought of even being in the same room as a hair bra model is even more tempting.

When Busted Coverage was founded it was our goal to maybe chat with a hot chick here and there. Maybe chat them up on Facebook. Possibly a hello at a Hooters bikini contest. Something small.

Now we are getting lawsuit threats from famous U.K. WAGs! This is fantastic.

Our message to Amanda:

Sorry, darling. We won’t ever claim in any future posts that you used to bang Joey Barton. That was reckless of us to claim such antics without first emailing you for confirmation. Please understand that U.K. futbol bloggers led us down the wrong road with erroneous reports of your past banging. The post has been removed to satisfy your needs.

Now, can we all just take a minute to analyze and appreciate Amanda’s stunning body. Jesus, what we’d give to be 21 again and wealthy this time.

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I started Busted in 2007, sold it in 2011 and Coed kept me around to run this operation. Based in Ohio. Contact me: @bustedcoverage
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