The Afternoon Dump: Childress Fired, Favre To Be Benched, Big Ben Is A Baby, Kinect Is Wack, Kazakhstan Drift, Katy Perry’s Cleavage, Jessica Lowndes In A Bikini, & 20 Sexy Pics of Natalie Portman


Bar Refaeli just made my day 10 times better.

I am addicted to the new Call of Duty. It’s pretty bad. If you haven’t played it then consider yourself lucky.

I won’t be here for the rest of the week do to Thanksgiving so I hope you guys have a good one. Thanks for coming back to BC day in and day out.

Afternoon Dump

Brad Childress is gone, Vikings fans rejoice [Crossing Broad]
Brett Favre may be benched now or he may retire? [Yard Barker]
A NFL game without announcers [SB Nation]
The art of the fadeaway [The Hoop Doctor]
Makes me laugh that Big Ben got hit [Barstool Sports]
How to completely graffiti a train in minutes [Totally Crap]
X-Box Kinect automatically guides you without you doing anything [The Daily What]
Fast and Furious: Kazakhstan Drift [Regretful Morning]
Katy Perry drops some cleavage, again [Popoholic]
Jessica Lowndes enjoys her bikini [The Blemish]
The girls of Etsy [Cool Material]
Ever since her thong, Natalie Portman has showed up everywhere [Heavy]
Malin Akerman replaces Lindsay Lohan, thank god [Yeeeah]

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