Weekend Dump: Tiger Woods Cal-Stanford Curse Anniversary, Cam Newton Jersey On Bear Statue, Powder Puff Fake Snap Works!, Rutgers Mascot Grabbing Junk, Bears-Dolphins Fan Fight, Blow Me, WWE Thanksgiving Poon & Monica Leigh!


…will be drunk and doing keg stands in T-3.5 hours…Johanna!

• Did you happen to see Lionel Ritchie about to have his junk tested for weapons of mass destruction by TSA agents? Better yet, search his ass for that coke he’s trying to smuggle into Vegas.

• Um, yeah, that didn’t go exactly as planned for Fresno State. 51-0.

• Who’s ready for one-way football at Wrigley? Yes, we woke up with an attitude.

• We hit our upset pick last weekend by taking Northwestern over Iowa. Today we’ll reverse course and take Iowa to beat Ohio State. The Bucks are -3.

• And finally, this is the one-year anniversary of Tiger Woods being cursed at the Cal-Stanford game, according to this S.F. Chronicle blog. Let’s look at what happened after he took to a mic at halftime and uttered “The second half is ours.” Five days later his wife drilled him with a golf club and his world collapsed. Oh, and Cal beat Stanford, 34-28.

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Today’s Dump:

…we get started with a single Auburn-Bama photo that could start a war. Someone taped a Cam Newton jersey onto the Bear statue on the ‘Bama Walk of Fame. Oh shit! It’s on now, rednecks! [Friends of the Program]

The now infamous fake snap play has been pulled off by this powder puff football team [Guyism]

How Yankee Stadium was prepared for football…via a 2:43 video [Sports Grid]

What the hell is that Rutgers mascot doing with his package? [Mo Egger]

Interesting stats: 1,109 days since Detroit has seen a Lions victory broadcast on their TVs [Detroit4Lyfe]

Here is your obligatory Bears fan vs. Dolphins fan fight video from Thursday’s game [Crossing Broad]

Greg Oden has made $25k per point in his career; Kobe…$6,800 per [Darren Rovell]

Jose Canseco now giving out virtual hugs via that Twitter account he’s using so wisely [Sharapova’s Thigh]

Blow Me: Vuvuzelas banned from Harvard-Yale game [Sportress of Blogitude]

Shin-Soo Choo won’t be going into Korean military after Asian Games victory! [Big League Stew]

WWE Thanksgiving Poon! The ladies don’t lather up in gravy but do show skin [Coed]

Look closely and find the insane Monica Leigh hair bra pic in this gallery [The Smoking Jacket]

Stormy Daniels with her clothes on Рan expos̩ [The Beer Goggler]

NSFW Boobs & Shotguns! [Boobie Blog]

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