Cuff ‘Em: Science Teacher Jennifer Lee Riojas (Photos) Helps Injured Teen Football Player Recover With Some Hospital Sex, Fuzz Alleges

What is cooler for a high school football player than getting laid in a hospital bed by one of your science teachers?

For one Texas teen, getting injured during a football game turned into a crazy life where banging Jennifer Lee Riojas became the norm, according to police.

Oh, here’s the kicker. Ms. Riojas is pregnant!

The Smoking Gun brings us this report on how Ms. Riojas helped her student in a time of need.

Riojas’s alleged involvement with the boy began last year when he was a 16-year-old sophomore at Fort Worth High School, where she worked as a ninth-grade teacher. The teen told cops that “once he got to know” Riojas, she would attend his football games and he “would spend his lunch period” in her classroom.

After the student was injured last December during a game, Riojas visited him at Fort Worth Hospital. There, the boy told detectives, “they engaged in sexual intercourse” in his hospital bed.

Someone has watched one too many Bang Bros. videos.

Hospital sex with one of your teachers? This shit was like our ultimate fantasy. Turn in our teacher for hiking her skirt and letting us bone her in a hospital bed? C’mon, this is better than any football victory. EVER!

More photos of Ms. Riojas that we need to see and publish?

[The Smoking Gun Report]

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