The Afternoon Dump: Felix Wins Cy Young, Tony Parker Was Just Sexting, Amusing Sports Fans, Hogwarts Hangover, Old Insane Cures, Katy Perry Looks Sexy, & Holly Madison’s Massive Cleavage


Have to love the Madrigal sisters!

Purdue killed Alcorn State last night, 103-48. Either we are that amazing or they suck that much. Either way, we won’t get any love.

My man Felix from the Mariners won the AL Cy Young. I bet him and the Mariners are ecstatic. Next year is their year!

Have a good day.

Afternoon Dump

Felix Hernandez wins Cy Young, makes my Mariners proud [SB Nation]
Tony Parker was just sexting not having sex [Yardbarker]
Ronaldo’s teammate steals his goal..that’s funny [unathletic]
The NBA used too be good, what happened? [The Hoop Doctor]
50 amusing sports fans [EgoTV]
Potter stars in ‘Hogwarts Hangover’ [The Daily What]
Charlie Sheen’s crossword puzzle gets leaked [Cool Material]
These are insane cures [Totally Cool Pix]
Katy Perry looks pretty good on the Paul O’Grady show [HQ-Celebrity]
Jenna Dewan has got a case of the Coke nose [Yeeeah]
Adriana Lima opens a technogym store [Don Chavez]
Holly Madison shows off her cleavage [Hollywood Tuna]
Rosie Huntington-Whiteley topless! [The Grumpiest]

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